Sunday, September 17

full-grown cats

Unbelievable how quickly they grow! Just a year ago, Pinky joined Sunny and the Squarepegs, and this is how the feline department looked:

Pinky was so tiny she fit in a shoe:

Well, the teeny-tiny princess turned into a queen.

Yes, she looks very dignified here, but she can be a feisty demon when riled.

Pinky before the exorcism:

Sunny the Siamese is in his 18th year now, has lost a lot of weight (from 5.5 kg to just 3), and seems to be perpetually constipated and dehydrated. But he's still plugging along. I try to give him daily subdermal injections of saline solution, having been schooled in the technique by the vet. He doesn't care for it much, but mostly sits still. Pinky would NEVER let me do that, I'll bet, no matter how old she gets. But she's a year old now, and much heavier than the little old man at this point.

Sunny keeps Pinky company while she makes a meal of herself.

And now, we've decided to adopt yet another cat to even out the human-feline population on our home. I would have been happy with just going to the cat shelter and bonding with some poor abandoned waif, but mr. squarepeg is a bit of an elitist, and decided to get a purebred. There's a Russian Blue breeder in a town not far from where we live, and we went out today to visit the Cat Lady there. She brought out all her kittens born in the past four months, and we played with them for about an hour.

Ms. squarepeg fell in love with one pipsqueak who was so docile she just sat on the kid without moving for ages, while mr. squarepeg thought her choice was too passive and really liked another, who was more lively yet also very friendly. They are gorgeous cats, but I still could've been happy with a homeless mongrel, so long as it wasn't too aggressive. The thing about these cats is that they are bred for their wonderful personalities, and supposedly don't bite, scratch or hiss. So what does that leave of cat nature, I wonder? A whole lot of self-entitled far niente, eh?

Anyway, purebreds cost an embarrassing amount of money, but that is catnip to the entitled classes, so we put a deposit down on the one mr. squarepeg liked. We're going back to get her in a month, after the holidays. No sense complicating our lives now with another pet that will need to be taken care of when we're away.

And how did our two furry babies react, upon our return home, to the smell of foreign cats on us? Sunny appeared completely oblivious, but Pinky wouldn't let us near her for hours, hissing madly in that snakey, open-mouthed, teeth-bared way that indicated her territoriality will not be challenged lightly.


At 18/9/06 18:32, Blogger BagelUndertheCouch said...

awww!!!! i love them they're adorable!

At 19/9/06 15:46, Blogger squarepeg said...

I know, it just makes me want more and more of them ...

At 19/9/06 19:59, Blogger BagelUndertheCouch said...

careful not to become cat lady=/. there's a thin line...iunno where it is, but it's there...
juuust kidding.;)

At 21/9/06 10:33, Blogger Liza said...

The cats are cute, but, where'd you get those shoes?! Too cool! I could use a pair like that (though I'm betting the one-pair-of-shoes-per-season husband would not agree...).

At 28/9/06 20:13, Blogger squarepeg said...

liza, those darling shoes belong to mr. squarepeg, believe it or not, and I have no idea where he procured them. I also never see him wearing them anymore. (you want 'em?)


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