Saturday, November 11

welcome to Smokey

The squarepeg family is now managing a fine balance between the human and feline populations. We have brought a pedigree 5-month-old Russian Blue into the mishpocha, and she is every bit as sweet-natured as our 1-yr-old Pinky is witchy.

It only took a couple of days for 17-yr-old Sunny to grumblingly let her share his basket, but Pinky hissed and whacked her for the first two weeks. (Nearly every day, I give thanks that she has no front claws.) Sweet Smokey is already turning nursemaid to old-man Sunny, licking his head and neck for long minutes while Sunny luxuriates in her TLC.

Smokey has been with us three weeks now, and mr. and ms. squarepeg fight like two children in kindergarten over her, just as they used to over Pinky. What's more, Smokey is now getting the coveted kitten food, and fattened-up Pinky's had to move on to the less rich adult food. Is it any wonder Pinky resents her presence?

Three cats is really quite a lot, but I don't know how much longer Sunny will last, which is why we adopted Smokey ... the thought of being alone with Pinky is a bit chilling. Sunny's been declining for the past year, and he's clearly quite ill today, just lying around, with signs of diarrhea and loss of appetite. It's back to the vet for him tomorrow, poor guy.

[Update: Nov 12 - Sunny's hospitalized on IV at the vet for the night, diagnosed with progressing pancreatic disease. We'll probably take him home tomorrow and see if this treatment helps him feel better for a while longer, but no one can say if this will be a week or six months. I'm resigned to saying good-bye slowly.]


At 12/11/06 08:10, Blogger BagelUndertheCouch said...

that pinky is a very angry cat...psychotherapy?

At 13/11/06 12:23, Blogger Justin said...

I am soo sorry for you...better not get sad for Sunny..poor chap.
Smokey has got some personality in herself...I too get shocked at the dream of departing from my pets..

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At 16/11/06 00:45, Blogger squarepeg said...

hey bagel--maybe we can get a package deal for the whole feline-human family!

justin--thanks for the empathy. now that smokey's gotten attached to him, I'm also sad she soon won't have a nice grandfatherly fur rug to curl up with. he's doing ok for the moment, but isn't moving around much anymore. still quite huggable though!

At 23/6/10 09:08, Blogger Nancy said...

Its hard when our dear pets grow old and sick. Its hard to see them leave us. I hope you find solace in Pinky and Smokey.

This is Nancy from Israeli Uncensored News


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