Friday, November 17

send a real woman to do a woman's job

The great womenfolk over at Salon, my favorite daily read, have done the dirty job someone's gotta do and picked the REAL sexiest men living.

Ripping "that big bland celebrity flip book" (you know which one they mean -- even I get their daily gossip in my InBox) a new one and telling them to get some guts already, they demand of that camel-committee to come up with someone more "mentally stimulating [than] Matthew McConaughey," for godssake.

Yeah yeah I adore George as much as the next woman, but as the fed-up Salon staff quite rightly says, "Quit selecting George Clooney already. He's the zenith of sex appeal -- picking him is cheating."

So they've given us a dozen of their choices, topped by the marvelously manly Stephen Colbert -- whom I bet even George Clooney has the hots for -- plus 11 more that include three of my all time favorites: the very very spongeworthy Alan Rickman, Mark Ruffalo and Philip Seymour Hoffman.

And of course, they couldn't resist cheating just a tiny bit, offering us a list that culminated with Jon Stewart. Hey girls: he IS the George Clooney of our parallel comedy-lust universe.

Can't say I blame them a bit.


At 17/11/06 12:17, Blogger Noorster said...

My crush on Alan Rickman flew out the window the moment I learnt he'd adapted Rachel Corrie's life for a stage production.

Stephen Colbert is still yummy though.

At 17/11/06 17:51, Blogger squarepeg said...

ew, that IS a bit tacky ... although I admit I had to google her name to know who you were talking about (I remember the event, but never internalized her name). still, in all intellectual fairness, without knowing how he spun the story (i'd have to google that too), I don't want to assume he was telling the bleeding-heart version. maybe it was used as a fine real-life cautionary tale for benighted knee-jerk liberal morons. (oops, was that a tautology?)

At 17/11/06 18:06, Blogger squarepeg said...

ok, I just did a minimal google and feel my last snarky comment was a bit unfair in this circumstance. whether corrie was right/wrong or enlightened/naive doesn't necessarily seem to be the point. apparently she was a fascinating and dramatic character, and as far as I can see, that's what really matters in the theater: in the right hands, most life stories can be used to promote greater wisdom. let's not be knee jerks about this.

At 18/11/06 15:54, Blogger Ada_Veen said...

I saw the play last month, and it was quite good - as theatre. I wouldn't confuse it with political statement, though - that would be doing both the play and the situation in Israel a disservice. But it was an excellent play, a wonder dip back into optimistic youth, and Alan Rickman (who was there) is still hot.

There's some weird choices at the Salon piece. Colbert doesn't do anything for me, in fact he usually just annoys me, but Jon Stewart is hot, indeed.

At 18/11/06 16:45, Blogger squarepeg said...

Ada, thank you for your input--I was hoping someone who'd seen the play would comment! My brief googling did leave me with that impression indeed.
As for Salon's choices, yes, some weird ones indeed. A chacun son gout / to each his own ... or, in these parts, "Al ta'am v're'ach, eyn ma l'hitvake'ach".


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