Wednesday, November 22

bushies just can't hack it like they used to

Scoop: Clear Evidence 2006 Congressional Elections Hacked

Not so shocking, but still those Republicans manage to keep on reliably disgusting us.

"We see evidence of pervasive fraud, but apparently calibrated to political conditions existing before recent developments shifted the political landscape," said attorney Jonathan Simon, co-founder of Election Defense Alliance, "so 'the fix' turned out not to be sufficient for the actual circumstances." Explained Simon, "When you set out to rig an election, you want to do just enough to win. The greater the shift from expectations, (from exit polling, pre-election polling, demographics) the greater the risk of exposure--of provoking investigation. What was plenty to win on October 1 fell short on November 7."

Tough break, eh, W?


At 23/4/08 17:04, Blogger sallda said...

It can not be a suprise that any politician is corrupt, they are like moles just under the turf waiting to break through when we are not looking, they only ever want what is best for them, we have to shoulder some of the blame as we vote them in, I wonder if we insisted on an honesty clause and prosection to the max sentence possible by any politician who does anything that is illegal or immoral while holding office and is not in the interest of the general public, would there be so many politicians then, it is the same with lawyers, hold them liable for everything they say in court, if they lie or intimidate a witness, they should be held accountable and prosecuted.

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At 23/6/10 09:04, Blogger Nancy said...

Yeah, tough break indeed!! I liked your post. Keep blogging!!

This is Nancy from Israeli Uncensored News


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